Vancouver 2009

Our second Canada trip stemmed from some fraternity buddies of mine going up for spring break in March as they were also looking to party hard without the restrictions of age limits. So Andrew and I decided to go back with them and this time bring our good buddy Diaz along for the ride. This time would also be more exciting picture wise as I had an Apple iPhone, so no more of those crap quality disposable camera pictures.

This time around, we stayed at the Blue Horizon Hotel on Robson more near Granville Street and up the street from where we stayed last time (at the Howard Johnson). Only being there three days, we decided to make the most of it and get things going. The drive was alright, besides Diaz blasting music at the border patrol guard only to get scolded. Usually we are in and out of border patrol, with the occasional stop as we tell them we only go up to drink for the weekend. Diaz and I checked in while waiting for Andrew to come up.

The room was extremely nice and for the price we paid, we decided to stay here from here on out for the rest of our Canada excursions. The view was spectacular and staff extremely friendly (unlike the Howard Johnson). The first day we ventured to get some CafĂ© Crepe and walk around to reminiscence about being there in 2005. Later that night, we hit up the Lennox Pub and asked if Dave was working, in which he wasn’t, so we told him to pass on a hello from us. We had a few drinks there, even buying a few for the friends before retiring for the night.

We woke up fairly late the next day but took our time getting ready as we were in vacation mode and had nothing really do it. We spent the day walking around and meeting up with friends to grab some Tsunami Sushi. Sadly, Diaz wasn’t a big fan of it, while we engulfed a good $50 worth of sushi. Afterwards, we met up with the rest of the group and hit up a few pubs in the area including The Cellar. It was a bit different than what we had remembered in 2005 and ended up leaving there for another place. On our way to the other bar, a guy pulled up to us on a bike and offered us free weed. It was the most bizarre thing ever and naturally Diaz, Andrew and I took off running yelling “drug bust!” I mean, a man on a bike? Just trying to give us free weed? Only in Vancouver I guess…

Overall, another successful Canadian trip, with once again being interrogated at the border as to why we had only driven up to drink and party. I don’t understand their fear of a bunch of college kids wanting to leave the country for a change and enjoy the night life elsewhere? Always thinking we are smuggling in drugs or something, oh well.