Vancouver 2010

With plenty of time off from work and going to Australia in September, Andrew and I decided it was time to take one more Canadian trip up before my departure. We had decided roughly the same time as before as it was cheapest to travel and not many tourists.

We stayed at the same place before in the Blue Horizon hotel and spent the two days walking around, enjoying crepes, alcohol at the Lennox Pub and Tsnuami Sushi. We also managed to have one too many shots and I lost Andrew in The Cellar crowd as they had to vacate due to a smoke bomb going off. We did manage to run into a Kiwi visiting called “Sam” and while our run in with her was short, she had managed to almost kill herself walking onto the street without looking (highly intoxicated of course). But instead of babbling on and on about Canada this time around, I’ll let you guys watch the video I did for it. WARNING: There may be crude language used through.